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I'll always remember, before I forget.
G o o d b y e ;

You know, there is so many different lyrics I had found based on this song. Only ONE caught my attention. I felt this is just perfect. Might not be exactly what she had said in the anime of japanese version. [I love love love the japanese version xD] Though this is really sweet.. For you baby <3


Alright so I have NO clue on whats been going on--and apparently Jack left.. Which.. I'm not too sure what had happen for him to do that. We promised each other not to leave each others side--but you left, and all I'm wishing is for your happiness. I do wish for you to come back--but this isn't MY choice to make. Cause real friends wont force upon your return, only want for your happiness to be there and let you do what would make you happy. No, I'm not saying for everyone to not want Jack back, I'm just saying let Jack do what he wants--let him cool off. Let him breathe. Give him some time--I'm sure he'll return. I sure as hell believe in that.

Do what makes you happy Jack, Just remember I'm here waiting for your return with open arms. I'm sure others are as well.


As for another thing... School has been a huge deal in my case. I'm packed, and right now I can't deal with any more stress and E-drama. I need to focus on MY EDUCATION.. I've been getting way too side-tracked for way to long--I need to get back into School wise thinking and do my shit so I can graduate on time.. I really need to. So, I'm thinking really hard what to do. Thanks to Mindee and my other friend Cloud, I already thought up something good to do. Have not put it into action yet--but it will happen sooner or later.. Thats all for now. BAI!

Okay so no more he said she said stuff anymore! Me and Jack made up--and I don't give two shits on what anyone says anymore. If I hear something; I'll just go to first sources.. You hear something, come to me.

So I don't plan on deleting or blocking anyone--so if anyone has anything to say, do tell me on MSN. I'm always here. I'm not here to start trouble.

Im sorry, and I can say it over and over again.
Trust you always, believe in you always. You're always my friend, and I'll never hate you. REMEMBER THAT, NEVER.
Friends forever? <3

I just want to make a few things clear. This whole E-Drama that is currently going on at this very moment--DO NOT drag me or Jose into this shit. We had nothing to do with it--we don't even know what was going on in the first place. Jack, Ginger, I really hope ya'll get this shit solve, which I highly doubt. Though I still wish for it. Soi, as for you--although you made a huge mistake thinking that shit was written by me, thats one fucked up shit you said. I don't open my fucking mouth about you--so don't you do that shit with me either. Nor point fingers, get your facts straight, and then talk. I don't like that shit. IF I had something to say, I'll gladly say it straight up to you on MSN or even message. I'm not afraid of E-drama or real drama. If I wanted to speak up, I'll be sure to speak my mind without hiding behind a computer. Everyone knows, even YOU, I'm straight up. I had always came up to you and told what's needed to be told, and hesitated not one bit. So don't drag me into shit and call me names such as slut, whore and all that. I do think you very much owe me a apology for that. I spoke to Ginger about this situation already--though I still feel upset that you, Soi, would go run your mouth and say shit about me. Not cool.

I tried very much to stray away from Drama. Though somehow it comes right to me when I have no fucking clue whats going on--and I'm gettng pretty fed up with this. I mean hell, now there is shit saying Jose flipped out on Jack?? Are you serious? Jose would not flip on Jack nor insult him. We will shortly have the chat log being shown to give full proof of that. I will not tolerate anyone talking/spreading trash about me or Jose. WILL NOT. Get a fucking life you people who spread rumors. If you got something to say, say that shit straight up. I'm tired, and this is pushing me to a limit. Once I get this all solved, I will be deciding what I plan to do on this case. &What I plan, I bet half would be upset, half would be glad, and some wont give a shit. Though you know what, I'm FED UP. Honestly. Thats all.

I escaped from Moonbase Kawaiixkg!

I killed Swtlilqtj the nutrivend drinks machine, Drownedinsugar the tribble and Xxxarc Angelxxx the cleaning droid.
I salvaged the Log of the USS Xmorninqstarx, a Z-OFFI-2500 supercomputer and 43 galacticredits.

Score: 168

Explore Moonbase Kawaiixkg and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own space adventure...

Just something random since I saw it in Kiki's LJ. Seems like I beat Kiki's score. :3
Anyhow.. I just wanted to thank CICI for her comment on my last entry... Made me feel slightly better... Though I'm still losing myself.. I cried like hell last night.. After I hung up off the phone with him--wait.. A bit before that.. I couldn't hold it in much more--since I was already crying in the first place.. After we hung up, I tried to stop myself from crying, but I just couldn't stop. I had to calm down, since I didn't want anyone in my house to hear me crying. [Hopefully no one did..] After I realized I wasn't going to stop crying any time soon, I jumped into the showers and took a nice hot shower to try to calm down. After about a hour in the shower, my crying calmed down some--still crying, obviously.. Jose didn't do anything wrong.. It's just me.. I can't handle being away from him, I feel like I'd go insane.. I know the saying goes, "If you really loved someone, you can handle the wait." No, I love him so damn much, that I can't STAND it, even not talking to him for a day. It kills me. My mood swings is getting worst.. I'm starting to take it out on him, getting angry when it's not even what I wish to do.. I love him.. Hopefully he knows that, reguardless of my harsh and cold actions I do towards him.. No matter how many times I tell him I wish for a break, or even say I don't want to talk to him. It's really the other way around.. There's something wrong with me, I know there is.. I learned that when I'm like this, I just wished to be either understood by someone, and be handled a certain way.. Although it isn't easy, since once I'm like this, I start to push away everyone around me and drown myself in sorrow, alone..

Maybe I do need that time away.. And I'll be doing that, starting now. I've said it so many times, but never had the power to do it. This time... Without any of you stopping me, I'll go away for awhile.. Will I be back..? I don't even know... I really don't.. I'm sorry everyone... I'm sorry, Jose.... You must be upset at me..

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